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Peace Camp 2024

July 1-4

Join your Peace family for a wonderful time of fellowship, fun, and adventure as we camp together!  This year’s theme will be In Spirit and in Truth.  Enjoy hearing testimonies, singing Psalms and Hymns around the fire, and spending time in the Word together.  We will also share in several nature activities, group games, and (of course) our annual Peace Variety Show!

Beacon Rock
Group Camp,
Skamania, WA

 This group camp site is situated on a very large grass meadow and can accommodate up to 200 campers.  Tents can be pitched anywhere on the meadow.  There are also spaces for RV’s (no hookups), and two Adirondack-style (three-sided) sleeping shelters with built-in bunk beds. There is a covered picnic area, as well as a rustic kitchen building with electricity and potable water.  Though there are no showers in the group site, guests are allowed to use showers in the main campground.

What Happens at Peace Camp?

We follow a loose schedule at Peace Camp that includes several organized activities and devotional times together.  There is also free time sprinkled throughout for fellowship and recreation at your own pace.  Our schedule for Peace Camp 2024 is listed below.


BONUS NIGHT! All are invited to join us for a “bonus Monday.”  We will use this evening to set up Peace Camp and enjoy casual hang out time before official activities begin the following day.

2:30 pm  Begin Arriving & Setting Up Peace Camp

Evening ’til Late  Campfire and Hangs



Morning  Optional activities/hikes, lawn games

12:00 pm onward Begin Arriving & Setting Up Campsites
– Snack Available
Lawn Games
– Scavenger Hunt

2:00-4:00 Craft Tables

4:15 Kickball

5:15 Capture the Flag


7:15  Group Campfire: Singing, Testimony, Family Devotional
(S’mores Following)

8:30  Hymn Sing

9:30ish Late Night Campfire (13+) available



 8:30 am  Youth Activity (K-12)

9:30 Hamilton Mountain Hike (pack lunch)

10:00  Tournament Games 

12:00pm  Other Hikes/Outings leave (pack lunch)

2:30 Crafts with Ms. Annette

2:30 Tournament Games cont.

4:00 Wilderness Lesson with Mr. Daniel


6:15  Variety Show

7:30  Group Campfire: Singing, Testimony, Family Devotional
(S’mores Following)

10:00ish  Late Night Campfire (13+) available



9:00 am  Youth Activity (K-12)

10:00  Capture the Flag/Kickball Games

11:00  Devotional & Departing Blessings at Picnic Tables

11:30-12:30 Snack and Lawn Games Available

1:00 pm  Check Out

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Peace Camp Cost Money?

There is no fee for Peace Camp, however a Discover Pass is required to enter the park for any day visitors.  Day passes can be purchased online or at the park entrance.  Those who RSVP to stay overnight will not need a Discover Pass.  Please see Melissa upon arrival to receive your camp site parking pass.  If you wish to donate towards Peace Camp costs, you may put a check into the offering with “Peace Camp” noted in the memo line.

Do I Need to RSVP?

Yes, please!  RSVP’s help us plan and prepare supplies accordingly.  The Camp Ground also requests an accurate number of overnight guests to be given to them upon our check in, and they charge us accordingly.  Last minute campers will not be turned away, but please see Melissa upon arrival as we may need to update our reservation or request additional passes.

Is Food Provided?

Peace will provide light snacks on Tuesday afternoon and on Thursday morning.  We will also provide basic S’mores supplies for the group campfires.  Please bring meal supplies for your family, and allergy-friendly s’mores supplies, if required.

What Amenities are There?

The group camp has a kitchen/dining building with potable water and electricity, an outdoor covered picnic area with tables and grills, four vault toilets, two fire pits, and two Adirondack-style shelters with built-in bunk beds. There is space for RV’s, but no hookups are available.  There are no showers at the group camp, but campers may use the showers at the main campground if desired.

What Camping Equipment is Allowed?

There is plenty of space for tent camping across a very large meadow.  There is also room for a few RV’s (no hookups).  If you are interested in using the Adirondike-style shelters, please indicate that on the RSVP form.

What if I can Only Come for Part of the Time?

Great! Come for whatever part that you can.  There is space on the RSVP form to indicate which days or nights you plan to join us.

What is the Variety Show?

The Peace Variety show is a really lovely way to get to know each other and laugh heartily!  We will first feature any acts volunteered by our campers.  (In the past we have had poetry or scripture reciting, musical performances, comedy sketches, magic acts, etc!)  After these acts have concluded, we will have a time of hilarious audience participation games.

Can I Help Out?

There are plenty of ways you can get involved to help Peace Camp run smoothly!  Some options for volunteering are:

– Setting up and cleaning up snacks and s’mores supplies
– Setting up lawn or board games
– Leading a group hike or activity
– Helping with youth activities
– Prepping song books or craft supplies
– Participating in our variety show
– Joining our planning committee for next year. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know on the RSVP form.

Still have questions?  Please contact Melissa at 360-506-8321.